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MBA in Canada top Universities - HEC Montreal

Established in 1907, HEC Montreal is a basic school of Canada-based Universite de Montreal. Infact, it was the first management school in Canada. It is attributed to the EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Association of MBAs (AMBA). It was the first school in the US to get official recognition from these prominent organizations.

HEC Montreal offers an array of bachelor's and master's degree programs in different disciplines of business and management. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is taught in 3 set-ups: French, Bilingual (French and English) and Trilingual (French, English, and Spanish). The school makes available short graduate courses in supply chain management, human resources, business analytics, and more. The school also makes available 25 certificates in the business area. It also provides free online courses on top of its digital learning platform EDUlib.

HEC Montreal has already 115 years of history - valuing significance, firmness, bravery, commitment, respect and teamwork. HEC Montreal also launched its very first MOOC – particularly open online courses. The school has a culturally varied community of something like 14,300 students and 280 professors specializing in every part of business. There are roughly 4,100 global students from about 150 nations of the world.

We have compiled 10 reasons why you should consider HEC Montreal when evaluating MBA in Canada top Universities.

Let’s take a look at the 10 important reasons what makes HEC Montreal stand out amongst the MBA in Canada top universities.

1. The McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA is a bilingual program (15-month) intended to meet the development needs of skilled managers. The program offers issue-driven learning intended for seasoned executives and entrepreneurs that builds on top of their management experience making it rank among the top universities for MBA in Canada.

2. Program participants are managers, industrialists and professionals with a minimum 10 years work experience, including as a minimum five years managerial experience.

3. Reflecting the realism of Canadian business, the program is delivered within a bilingual arrangement. Class presentations and group discussions go on in French as well as English. As a result, candidates must be able to appreciate and read both languages, but may have a say to discussions and write exams in either French or English.

4. Rather than teaching the normal business silos, so widespread in managing education, the program employs an integrated, multidisciplinary vision of managing and focuses on top of the real practice of management. It is structured something like managerial mindsets, which draws on top of the research and much-admired international leadership programs.

5. Participants are practicing managers in the midst of a wealth of knowledge and acquaintance. Learning will be drawn from their own experience as well as that of their co-participants. As such, the program is greatly participatory and supports interaction and teamwork amongst participants.

6. Program content is rooted in reality and is issue-driven, focusing on top of existing business matters, concerns and events that have an impact on top of managerial and administration practices. This places HEC Montreal among the MBA in Canada top universities.

7. Similar to all MBA programs, analytical management tools and methods will be presented, but in the McGill – HEC Montreal EMBA they are carefully examined from a premeditated angle.

  • Grow to your potential as a leader -- put together your confidence and capability to have an impact.

  • Focusing on top of your managerial reality more willingly than functional silos.

  • Be part of a warily chosen class of committed executives.

  • Learn from knowledgeable classmates who can share their 'in the field' realism.

  • Benefit from peer coaching: Supportive, confidential and founded on trust.

  • Make available instantaneous and long-standing benefits to your business.

8. Over 11 months, participants meet in support of long weekends (Thursday all the way through Sunday) just the once a month, in addition 2 1/2 demanding, residential weeks, to cover the 9 Executive MBA modules. There will also be a management exchange, at a time suitable to the participants, whereby every participant spends 2-3 days inside the workplace of a co-contributor.

9. Participants learn how to be attentive, to step back from at all times doing, to see well-known experiences from a new viewpoint. This, in turn, fosters improvement and change, not repeating related patterns and slip-ups.

10. Participants will build up a solid understanding of the perception of sustainable development and the challenge it poses as a communal imperative and managerial goal; and become more well-informed on top of key sustainability issues relevant to their organisations.

To evaluate your profile for applying to an MBA, EMBA or MiM at HEC Montreal connect with an experienced MBA admission consultant.

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