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Cost of MBA in Canada, Best Colleges for MBA in Canada Blog


Student Life In Canada in the best colleges for MBA in Canada?

The quality of life in Canada is at par with the extravagant student lifestyle in US-backed by the considerably less costly program fees. The country is a heterogeneous community with people from different walks of life working or studying together. This provides for a lot of exposure to students in terms of cultural and personal growth along with academics. After securing admission to one of the best colleges for MBA in Canada students can start making their plans for moving to Canada. Moreover, students of the best colleges for MBA in Canada can also take up part-time jobs to cover their living expenses quite easily.

How To Choose Best College for MBA In Canada?

There is an array of options for students to choose the best college for MBA in Canada from when it comes to pursuing an MBA from a Canadian university.


There are some basic factors or pointers to keep in mind while choosing the best college for MBA in Canada:

  • Academic Exposure:  Any institute becomes internationally renowned due to its educational facilities, infrastructure, and adroit faculty members. It is a good idea to select a college on the basis of its excellence and academic exposure. Even if it does not rank the highest it would be the best college for MBA in Canada for you.

  • Location: Choosing a college in an appropriate location is crucial for sustenance. While choosing the best college for MBA in Canada, factors like weather conditions, terrain, culture, and more can vary greatly according to location in Canada. For instance, people who are not accustomed to living in cold weather might want to avoid selecting colleges where weather conditions can get extremely cold.

  • Tuition Fee: Selecting the best college for MBA in Canada that conforms to one’s expense budget is a sensible decision to avoid abounding student loan debts.

  • Facilities For International Students: As an international student it is a good idea to consider international student plans or facilities of the college before applying to the best college for MBA in Canada. This helps in making sure that the student can learn to fit in well and quickly.

Some MBA in Canada top Universities:

There are a number of colleges in Canada. All MBA in Canada top universities vary in their location, tuition fee, and certain program specifics.


However, the course outline is pretty similar in most of the colleges across the country. Some of the most MBA in Canada top universities include the following:

  • Ivey Business School - University of Western Ontario

  • Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto

  • Desautels Faculty of Management - McGill University

  • Queen's School of Business - Queen's University

  • Alberta School of Business - University of Alberta

  • Edwards School of Business - University of Saskatchewan

  • Sauder School of Business - University of British Columbia

All of these MBA colleges provide the best in the world academic facilities and course work for the students.


What are the Prospective Job Opportunities Following An MBA from Canada?

The broad range of opportunities that open up after the completion of an MBA from Canada can be astonishing. It is believed that an MBA graduate can land a job with an average annual salary of CAD $100,000.

There is a versatile set of sectors which offer high paying jobs for graduates of MBA from Canada like:

  • IT Services

  • Education

  • Data And Business Analysis

  • Legal Jobs

  • Healthcare Sector

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Technical Management

  • Product or Project Management


How to Get Post-Graduate Work Permit in Canada ?

An interesting thing about studying an MBA from Canada is the facility to qualify for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

On completion of the degree from a government recognized institute MBA students can apply for PGWP with the following guidelines:

  • Any student who has completed a 2 Year MBA from Canada qualifies for a PGWP of up to 1 year after course completion.

  • In case of program duration ranging between 8months to 2 years, the students of MBA from canadaare allowed to stay in Canada for a duration equal to their program length.

  • Also the students of MBA from Canada are eligible for permanent residency (PR) under the Express Entry Program.


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