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As I had done my MBA in international business and looking for some course after MBA in Canada so can u please suggest me some better courses in Canada which have better job opportunities?

To specialise in a certain field like Finance, business analytics or supply chain you can do a specialised masters from Canada. Many top universities like Rotman, Schulich, Ivey and UBC provide these options.

Can I apply for my P R to Canada before leaving my country to do an MBA program there?

Yes, of course. Applying for P R is an independent process, you can apply for PR first and then leave the country for doing an MBA.

Is it a good option to enroll for MBA program in Canada for a student who is M.Pharm and has 2 years experience in pharmacovigilance sector?

Yes, however it depends on your goals. If you think the MBA program will add value to your career, you can definitely look into it.

Can I pursue MBA from Canada as an international student without a work experience if I do Diploma/bridge course?

Yes, but it depends on the University you are applying to. These processes can be clarified by the Universities. It is best to contact the University that you want to apply to for this process.

I have completed my post graduation MBA(Shipping Logistics I am planning to study in Canada what will be good course for me to choose kindly help me to choose the good course in shipping logistics

Since you have already done an MBA, and you seek further specialisation, you can look at the Masters in supply chain or business analytics as these courses will cover more in depth sector related information.

Will I be able to pay my student loans if I do my MBA from top 10 universities of Canada?

Yes, you should be able to do so. If you graduate from top Universities you would of course get a good salary to be able to plan repaying the loan.

Can I earn money with pursuing my MBA programme in Canada?

Yes, you are allowed some hours of work per week along with pursuing education.

Is there stipend for housing in Canada while in the progress of MBA marketing internships in summer?

It depends on the company which provides the internship opportunity. It is not mandatory for any organization to compensate for the housing during internship, however you can mutually discuss it with them.

How can an MBA with 20 years work experience in India enhance skills for migration to Canada?

A gap analysis is a good place to start. You should first consider what is your objective from the skill enhancement. If you have a clear plan you can then enumerate what skills you currently have and join the dots to see how you would achieve your goals. To upskill you can use certifications, MOOCs, courses, mentoring and training to cover the gaps.

If I am taking BCOM in this university can I apply for MBA or PG diploma in Canada?

Yes, if you have a bachelors degree from India you can apply to either the MBA or the PG Diploma in Canada. To know more about the programs from the top Universities in Canada, explore this website

In how many time a fresher M.B.A from Ivey Western University Canada without any previous work experience will get a job?

The IVEY Western University Canada is a well known University. Most of the graduates get a job between 0-3 months of graduation from the University.

1 year PG diploma in Canada ensures for the full time job or it helps for getting admission in MBA?

If you complete a 1 year PG Diploma in Canada you can either use the extended work permit to look for a job or you can also apply for further studies through an MBA.

Is it good to do B.Pharm in India and do M.Pharm in Canada or MBA which is good for future?

You choose any program depending on your career goals. Both the programs lead to a different career trajectory. You should evaluate the end goals before you choose a program to apply to.

What are the exams i should appear for doing PG courses or mph or MBA in Canada after doing BDS in India?

The qualifying exams for all the courses are different. You would require an IELTS score for sure. Apart from that you should check with the University and the program for the details of the qualifying exams they require. It may vary from GRE or the GMAT or none.

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