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Evaluating the top ranked McGill MBA

Latest Updates from McGill MBA

McGill University is one of the world’s high-status universities, and is ranked among the top institutions worldwide. Students enrolled in the Desautels Faculty of Management’s McGill MBA program can be guaranteed that they are joining one of the most renowned and appreciated educational organizations in the world.

With wide-ranging facilities, more than 37,000 students, and 210,000 alumni all across the world, McGill University was ranked at the topmost in the 2019 QS World University Ranking. At the same time, the university celebrates the 190th anniversary of its establishment, it looks with pride at the significant discoveries and accomplishments that all of the students and alumni have made in the past so many years. With a profound and well-known record, the university considers individual students have their individual stories, and those stories are all component of McGill’s journey -precedent, existing and future.

As per the recent update, McGill Master of Management in Analytics students have been associating with community, societal services, and SME organizations to evaluate their data and analytics prerequisites and build up strategies that can facilitate associates work out their critical analytics problems. Shoeb Hosain, MMA Program Director, will give a 20-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A stage, as regards the types of projects the school can execute and illustrations of what they’ve done in the long-ago!

10 reasons why you should study at Desautels faculty of management McGill MBA

1. School Overview

Established in 1906, the Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill MBA) is ranked as one of the topmost international business schools of the MBA in Canada colleges.

2. Research Excellence

The McGill MBA offers ground-breaking programs and historic reputation for brilliance continue to attract the best students and the most well-known professors from all over the world, over and above the most challenging recruiters from the world’s top employers.

Desautels houses several research centers and educational programs at the UG, masters, executive, and PhD levels. The program of study is built on top of an integrated, interdisciplinary model that merges research, practice, and training. This important, holistic approach sets up students to successfully deal with today’s all the time more interconnected world.

3. Student body at McGill MBA

Getting near from more than 75 countries all over the world, the Desautels student body is composed of varied and proficient individuals including athletes, artists, business and health care professionals. This creates a matchless, multicultural atmosphere which makes available students a great opening to learn and develop in lots of ways further than academics.

4. Campus

In the midst of the Faculty being in the center part downtown Montreal, one of the most energetic, multicultural and inhabitable cities in North America, studying at Desautels denotes enjoying an outstanding cultural experience akin to no other.

5. Strong global network

In the midst of more than 30,000 alumni all over the the world, the McGill MBA has a very strong global network. Alumni contribute on a regular basis to applied learning all the way through our Alumni Desautels Global Experts program.

5. McGill MBA Ranking

  • McGill MBA is ranked No.1 in Canada and ranked 60th internationally. among MBA in Canada colleges

  • McGill MBA is one of the best Canadian business schools ranked as Global Elite.

  • 50th of the World’s most renowned universities

  • 1st University in Canada (Citations per Faculty)

6. Continuous growth

At the same time as the international business communities continue to develop, Desautels is on the rise. The campus at the moment reflects the scale of Desautels’s sense of aspiration and intention.

7. A great post graduate program among the many MBA in Canada colleges

In the midst of more than 7,000 applicants coming from outer Canada, all our programs continue to be one of the choosiest and global undergraduate management education programs within the world.

8. A medium for future leaders

TeamMTL, teamwork amid students and faculty from McGill MBA University and Concordia University, competed to build the most excellent solar-powered house for China (2018).

9. World-renowned professors

In the midst of faculty hailing from every corner of the world, the Desautels Faculty of Management adopts a really international approach and outlook en route for teaching and research. Most of the faculty members are involved in research and cross global collaborations.

10. Excellent career prospects out of the many MBA in Canada colleges

The career services at McGill MBA is committed to helping students build up their career management skills and discover career paths that allow them to sooner or later achieve their career goals.

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