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Discussing colleges for MBA in Canada - John Molson MBA

Updated: Apr 19

10 reasons why you should study at John Molson School of Business MBA:

Let’s take a look at the 10 important differentiators for John Molson School of Business amongst colleges for MBA in Canada.

1. Study full-time or part-time and build the kind of business thinking image that employers wish for. This new offering by the John Molson School of Business has been acknowledged within global rankings.

2. The full-time as well as part-time MBA is a realistic program in every achievable way. Students can make a schedule that fits the prerequisites, opting from morning, afternoon or late afternoon classes. Part-time and full-time students have access en route for the similar class schedule options.

3. Students gain the skills that employers are on the lookout for both in the classroom and out in the field all the way through real business case projects and in practice knowledge options.

4. Students will be taught to apply concepts in moral principles and sustainability right through the program, beginning with the foremost core course. Nevertheless normally a two-year MBA program may be completed within as small as 16 months as a result of taking summer classes.

5. Situated in the lively heart of downtown Montreal, John Molson School of Business is one of the top business schools within Canada. The distinction of the John Molson MBA has been recognized by a few of the world’s most appreciated business school rankings. It was the foremost business school in Montreal, and the fourth in Canada, to dig up this distinction.

6. The globally-renowned faculty members are all the time pushing the boundaries of business research, publishing extensively in peer-reviewed journals or holding leading positions on top of editorial boards. Many are active and doing well within the business world, bringing their know-how into the classroom day by day.

7. Full-time students have the flexibility can complete their degree in as small as sixteen months; part-time students in as small as three years. Classes are planned all through the day and evening, typically, Monday all the way through Friday, with a few classes also offered on top of the weekend.

8. Many John Molson School of Business professors keep up close links with the business community, recurrently acting as consultants headed for the countryside’s top enterprises putting it amongst the leading colleges for MBA in Canada.

9. Many John Molson School of Business alumni maintain connections with the university as advisors, managers, volunteers and visitor lecturers. This makes available a real benefit and a real advantage to MBA students, more than 90% of whom find job within three months subsequent to graduation. This differentiates it amongst colleges for MBA in Canada.

10. The committed Graduate Career Advisor at Career Management Services meets MBA students on top of an individual basis to talk about career issues and to individually get to be on familiar terms with the candidates. Your key to accomplishment in career management is undoubtedly to know yourself and then estimate your value headed for the marketplace.

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