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Alberta MBA review

Alberta MBA review on the basis of the latest updates in the programs, value addition, faculty, career services.

Next Application Deadline: April 15 2022

Application cycle opens: 1 October

Evaluating 15 reasons why Alberta MBA application adds value to career goals:

1. At the Alberta School of Business, the Full-Time MBA is undeniably demanding, exciting, focused, efficient, and "real world". All the way through a combination of case, and applied learning, Alberta MBA graduates are outfitted with contemporary knowledge, sought-after skills, and self-assurance to advance their career. The Alberta MBA provides students with the knowledge considered necessary to function in good health in a corporate or commercial setting. It makes available a personalised learning experience.

2. Most recently, the Alberta School of Business, in joint venture with the University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management and the Institute of Corporate Directors, is delighted to deliver the Directors Education Program, the most perfect course of study intended for board directors in Canada. The Directors Education Program is the primary step in accomplishing the ICD.D title awarded by the Institute of Corporate Directors. This professional body stands for the community of directors in Canada.

3. The Alberta School of Business offers one of the major programs in Canada, in the company of five different degree types, 16 majors, and several opportunities for specialisation and work experience, together with student clubs, trade incubators, case competitions, study overseas programs, and more. Keep your options open and look at the several facets of business with a major in Business Studies. You’ll take courses from all parts within the Bachelor of Commerce degree, from marketing and retail to accounting and finance, obtaining a wide-ranging base of knowledge that you can utilize towards further studies or virtually any business career. The Full-Time courses are undeniably demanding, inspirational, and encouraging.

4. Group work: All of the courses are built around group and venture work, and all the professors are respected teachers and professionals in their field who will confront you to put ideas into practice at the same time as you work towards your personal professional goals.

5. Entrepreneurial Achievements: Most recently, Entrepreneur and PhD student Raylene Whitford conveys her experience to a nationwide group advising the Canadian administration on reasonable economic recovery from a pandemic that is unreasonably affecting women. Also, International Women’s Day was celebrated, a day to know and commemorate the achievements of women and girls globally.

The Alberta University MBA program allows you the flexibility to follow knowledge in a broad range of topics – from Marketing to Finance, International Business to Natural Resource Management; a shared degree program or as a wide-ranging program.

6. The Alberta University MBA is a full-time program (20 month). The program is undeniably demanding, inspiring, focused, valuable and "real world". Through a combination of lecture, case, and applied learning, the MBA graduates are outfitted with modern knowledge and pragmatic and chosen skills contributing largely to qualify Alberta as an MBA on Canada best university.

7. Students complete a core set of courses that makes available a methodical, integrated foundation within management essentials and round off their degree by way of elective courses. During the elective courses, students are able to shape your degree with a combination of courses.

8. As part of the MBA course, students work with an external organisation to solve any strategic issues they are facing. The student team defines the issue and suggests solutions or a course of action and develop an execution plan for the client. This makes available an opportunity to apply what they've learned in a real-world setting and gain knowledge all through their studies.

9. The Alberta University MBA equips students in the midst of the knowledge considered necessary to function in good health within a corporate or entrepreneurial setting. With a necessary course in Career Management Skills, one-on-one coaching and profession planning with the MBA Career Management Centre, and the opportunity to follow a summer internship, you are well placed for accomplishment by way of the Alberta MBA.

10. The Alberta University MBA makes available a number of opportunities to gain international exposure and global experience all through your degree. In the midst of faculty members hailing from all over the world, the classroom experience is international in nature.

11. Exclusive in Canada, the double degree option allows you to get two degrees in just two years of learning. You would complete the initial year of the Alberta MBA and subsequently spend your second year at one of the associate institutions. Upon completion, you would receive your MBA from the University of Alberta, over and above an M.Sc degree from the associate institution.

12. At all of the associate universities, you have the benefit of tuition fee parity, denoting that you would pay tuition at the University of Alberta at the same time as on exchange. For anyone on the lookout for global experience, but incapable to commit en route for a semester abroad, there are a number of temporary courses offered.

13. Worldwide study tours are a chance for students to travel with classmates and experience personally the business atmosphere outside Canada adding to the key points which make Alberta one of the best university for MBA in Canada. The study tours mix pre-trip lectures amid a two-week study trip involving worldwide company visits, local lectures and educational site visits.

14. Every year many efforts are made to make sure that the Alberta MBA will make available students with existing knowledge new and updated skills.

15. Extensive opportunities for individual and career development are made available outside the classroom situation which definitely helps Alberta become exceptional as MBA in Canada best University.

To discuss your experience and credentials as to how your profile fits into the Alberta MBA applicant criteria contact our MBA admission consultant. Get application assistance from an expert.

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