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What are the masters in Canada University - UBC Sauder?

UBC Master of Management is a leading Masters in Canada University program.

The Universities for Masters in Canada make available a great balance of technical classes (Business Analytics Programming, etc.), in addition to more highly developed business classes. An engineering and business background applicant may find the programming classes to be somewhat demanding, but certainly convenient and very worthwhile if you invest some time. Moreover, all the classes match each other in good health. The most notable part about the program is the individuals that are mixed up in it: Professors are brilliant and they are keen to help and support you. This not only applies to difficulties you might have in the midst of class content, but they will even talk about your job search with you, or hold up you in external competitions. Connect with our expert MBA admission consultant to discuss your profile with us.

Why UBC Sauder Business School?

  • Located on Canada’s west coast, in what is undeniably the nation’s best city, Vancouver, Sauder offers an MBA that is neither business nor consulting focused. At Sauder, there is a strong foundation of students from manufacturing, building or natural resources surroundings, and the technology and consumer goods industries lead a great deal of hires.

  • The program has several exclusive features, outstanding among which is an obligatory Global Immersion Experience that gives MBA candidates the chance to spend two weeks out of the country consulting on business difficulties for local business organizations.

Program Overview

Developed to deal with the growing needs of today’s most ground-breaking employers, the Master of Management (MM) curriculum makes available you with a very important grounding in a wide spectrum of business and management disciplines, varying from accounting to strategic management. Combined in the midst of the career development all the way through the program, you will graduate amid the competitive edge you necessitate at what time applying for your dream job.

The full-time (9 month) UBC MM offered by UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School runs every twelve months.

What makes the UBC Master of Management program exclusive?

The UBC Master of Management (MM) is premeditated for recent graduates in the midst of a Bachelor's degree in a non-business course. Offered by UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School, the UBC MM grants students an opening to learn the basic principles of business and management(accounting, finance, marketing, strategic management) in a shared, ingenious environment. In just 9 months of learning the UBC MM lets students to speed up their career by way of a degree premeditated for today’s business world.

A UBC MM is not only the key to develop your career – it’s also the Top Masters of Management in Canada, along with the Top 60 in the world, denoting your degree will be acknowledged universally.

Students are able to add helpful consulting experience on their resume, on top of making available local business organizations with much desirable resources and support for innovative projects. Past projects take account of proposing a worldwide market expansion strategy, building up a business plan for a food business, and more.

Fee Structure

  1. $ 39,312 (Tuition fees: $36151, Books: $2250)

  2. Room and boarding: $ 10,800

  3. Food: $ 6,075

Program Description

  • The Master of Management is a 9 months (full-time) at Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia(UBC).

  • This is an opening to gain the business skills desirable to make an impact on today's employers and gain an edge in a viable job marketplace.

  • The UBC Master of Management curriculum makes available a wide-ranging, broad-based management learning that gives you comprehensive business proficiency across an array of key business subject areas.

  • The areas taught takes account of Strategic management, Finance, Human resources, Information technology, Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Logistics Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, and Supply chain management.


  • Strategic Management

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Operations & Logistics

Career opportunities, Placements and Career development

Exciting employment record in the midst of 90% of UBC graduates employed within three months of graduation amid a standard salary of $45,625. The top placement sectors take account of Technology, Consulting, and Financial Services.

  • The Female to Male Ratio s 40:55 and Age range of students is 23-38in this program.

  • The Average Class size is 52-5860 which makes the students talk about and have a say to their Subject Knowledge.

  • The Student to Teacher ratio is 20:1 which will add to the interaction between students and teachers.

  • The job roles are Project manager, Management consultant, Production manager, Social media manager, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 3 or 4-year Bachelor's degree in the midst of a B+ average or the equivalent non-business program in any familiar institution.

  • Applicants in the midst of business degrees are not entitled for admission.

Language Prerequisites

  • The student must be able to speak, understand, and write fluently in English.

  • An English proficiency exam is necessary for all applicants whose degrees are from a university outside Canada.

Work Experience

  • Permanent work experience to a maximum of two years of full-time work experience gained subsequent to graduation from the Bachelor’s degree.

  • Students with in excess of two years of full-time work experience subsequent to graduation are not entitled for admission.

Exam Prerequisites

  • GMAT/GRE exam scores are required to gain entry in this program.

Document List

  • The marks statement provided by the education board subsequent to completion of the preceding academic qualifications.

  • The evidence showing the economic background of the student.

  • Letter of recommendation to the student to pursue the degree.

  • An essay or any written statement written by the student at the same time as applying.

  • Resume

UBC MBAN from one of the best universities for masters in Canada:

UBC MBAN Program Overview

  • Master (Business Analytics) is Offered by Sauder School of Business.

  • Field of Study: Business Analytics.

  • UBC MBAN is a 1 Year Full-time Masters in Canada program.

  • This program is not for a part-time basis.

  • This program takes account of capture the full analytics spectrum, in addition to data management, decision analytics, and data analytics.

  • Students will study how to make tactically sound recommendations and data-driven business decisions precisely what advanced companies around the world call for.

  • The students can build up a deep perceptive of the approach a business runs, together with operations management, supply chain management, and advertising.

  • All students take part in a 4-month internship where they apply their technological expertise in an organization's setting.

UBC MBAN Curriculum

In just 1 year, the UBC MBAN gives candidates with quantitative backgrounds desired analytical skills surrounded by a wide-ranging business context. The graduates will be able to apply highly developed analytical tools and methods to deal with management challenges in today’s competitive marketplace.

Students can be able to gain a profound perceptive of the extensive business context in the midst of classes like Supply Chain Management and Data Driven Marketing. Combined in the midst of a 4-month internship to achieve real world experience in the company of top business organizations, this 1 year will bestow you unmatched methodical decision-making skills.

All UBC MBAN candidates take part in a 4-month internship where you will seek advice from an analytical challenge faced by an associate company or non-profit business organization. There are two major internship areas take account of an analytics research project (UBC Sauder's well-known Centre for Operations Excellence) or a customary internship having a say to an analytics project onsite( an associate company, Vancouver).

Courses that are a part of the UBC Sauder MBAN Program

  1. Analytics Consulting Internship

  2. Advanced analytical decision making

  3. Communication skills

  4. Data Management for Business Analytics

  5. Business Analytics Programming

  6. Analyzing and Modeling Uncertainty

  7. Descriptive and Predictive Business Analytics

  8. Advanced Predictive Business Analytics

  9. Forecasting and Time Series Prediction

  10. Business Applications of Machine Learning

  11. Optimal Decision Making

  12. Data Processing and Monte Carlo Simulation

  13. Discrete Event Simulation

  14. Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty

  15. Process Fundamentals

  16. Supply Chain Management

  17. Marketing Foundations for Analytics

  18. Customer Relationship Management

  19. Pricing Analytics

  20. Data Driven Marketing

UBC MBAN Duration/Fees

  1. Fees: $ 46,191 for 1 year

  2. Tuition fees: $43030

  3. Books: $2250UBC MBAN Eligibility Criteria

  4. Students fees: $911

  5. Living Costs

  6. Average Cost per Year

  7. Room :$ 14,400

  8. Food Charges:$ 6,075

Language Proficiency - IELTS/TOEFL/PTE

Qualifying Exams

  • GMAT/GRE exam score needs to be submitted

  • Three or four-year Bachelor's degree with a B+ average or the equivalent course from any recognized certified institution.

Course Requirements:

Language Requirements:

  • The student must be able to speak, understand, and write easily in English.

  • An English proficiency exam is mandatory for all candidates whose qualifying degrees are from an institution of higher education outside Canada or the U.S.A.

Professional Experience:

  • There is no bare minimum work experience prerequisite for entry into this program.

  • In support of a competitive edge, it is better to have a little professional work experience.

Required Document List

  • College marks statement provided by the education board subsequent to completion of the preceding academic qualifications.

  • Evidence showing the economic background of the student.

  • Letter of Recommendation to the student to pursue the degree.

  • An essay or any written statement written by the student at the same time as applying.

  • A synopsis of the experience and skills of the student.

  • English Language Prerequisite Scores like TOEFL/IELTS.

Information about VISA processing rules

  • The Student visa is a manuscript that the Canadian government issues that allows foreign nationals to study at institutions in Canada.

  • A student visa is necessary to study in Canada.

  • The asking price of the Study Permit is 112 USD.

  • A Student visa is by and large valid for the length of the student’s study program, in addition an additional 90 days. The 90 days allows the student get ready to leave Canada or apply to make longer their stay.

  • The students necessitate these documents to apply for a study permit:

  • Acceptance Proof: The offer letter that the student received from the institution of higher education.

  • Identity Proof

  • Financial support Proof

Important points your should know about Canada work study rules

  • Students can work for 20 hours every week all through the normal academic year and full-time all through the scheduled breaks.

  • If their program does not have listed breaks, the students will be restricted to working 20 hours every week.

  • An immigration officer may apply conditions on the kind of work students may carry out.

  • For instance, they must pass an immigration medical test earlier than they start on work in health care, child care, or primary or secondary teaching.

Career Opportunities and Placements

The jobs the student’s can follow later than graduation are:

  • Management Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Program and Advertising Managers

  • Operations Analyst

  • Market Research Analyst

The normal Salary of the intern is near about 2,250 - 4,500 USD.

  • 80% of the Students will get working within 90 days following Graduation which increases the employment rate.

  • 45% of the Students in this Masters in Canada University are International Students.

  • The Female to Male Ratio 40:55 and the Age range of students is 23-38 in this program.

  • The Normal Class size is 100 which make the students talk about and have a say in their subject knowledge.

  • The Student: Teacher ratio is 20:1 which will add to the interaction between students and teachers.

  • The Normal Salary of the student subsequent to getting employed is 24,000 – 1, 60,000 USD.

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